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What you said about our ELSA CPD Day…

Jun 03, 2024

“I really enjoyed the mix of videos, case studies and information slides, which really brought the information in the ELSA CPD day to life and made it so interesting and relevant to my role. I now feel much more confident about spending time with children with Selective Mutism, and I am more aware of how they can be best approached and supported in school. Thank you, Laura and Chantelle!”


“Mixing with so many other ELSAs at Psychology First’s CPD events is such a great experience! There are always lots of new tips and ideas that are given, and the level of information is always excellent and pitched perfectly so that it is not too much, but is really helpful for ELSAs in role. There was so much information within the Eating Disorders Session that was new for me. It was particularly helpful to learn about the early signs that might go undetected. Thank you!”


“Thank you again Laura and Chantelle, this was yet another interesting and informative CPD Day, with so many ideas to help me in my ELSA role. This is always a day worth attending for every single minute! The Making Sense of Anxiety session made my understanding of anxiety really clear. There were lots of great ideas on how to help children understand and manage anxiety, that I will use straight away in my sessions. All of the resources, like the anxiety and my body drawings, self soothe boxes, worry scales and detective thinking, were all so helpful, thank you!”

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