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Our Services

We work with both individual and groups of children, young people and adults within educational settings. Our Educational Psychologists will:

  • Apply psychology in a solution oriented way to promote positive educational outcomes and support emotional wellbeing for our clients;
  • Use consultation to work jointly with our clients ensuring everyone feels heard;
  • Work collaboratively with our clients so that we are responsive to their needs and able to provide a bespoke service; and
  • Take a person-centred approach that values the importance of eliciting and listening to the voice of the individual, so that they are fully involved and supported to achieve their future hopes, aspirations and potential.

For Organisations

Service delivery

We operate a consultation model of service delivery and consultation forms the beginning of any involvement from us. Consultation is a joint problem-solving process that can be used across all levels of our work within your organisation. It involves working collaboratively with everyone who is involved in the situation. Consultation involves exploring both the concerns and the individual’s strengths to achieve a deeper and shared understanding of the problem. By doing so, it can help us to uncover the next logical steps as part of the ‘plan, do, review’ cycle.

If following the consultation process there are unanswered questions that require further exploration from a psychological perspective, it may lead to further involvement from our Educational Psychologists.

Annual contracts

Psychology First contracts with organisations on an annual basis and the contracts run over the academic year. Organisations can purchase as many days as they require to meet their needs but a minimum of 6 days must be commissioned.

Each organisation that commissions a service from Psychology First will be allocated their own consistent Educational Psychologist who will act as a single point of contact for all matters of service delivery. This Educational Psychologist will build a relationship with your organisation and deliver a creative, bespoke and flexible service in response to your needs and in line with your development plan.

In order to make the most effective use of your purchased time an annual planning meeting will be offered to all organisations at the beginning of the academic year. This meeting will typically take place on the morning of the first visit from your Educational Psychologist to enable you to plan and prioritise work over the months ahead.

We work at all levels both within and on an organisation

Our services:

At the individual level include:

  • Observation of the individual in context
  • Assessment to clarify an individual’s strengths and areas for development regarding their learning, thinking and social and emotional development
  • Discussion with the individual to gain their views and aspirations
  • Therapeutic interventions such as Narrative Therapy and using Theraplay techniques
  • Staff development including psychological supervision, coaching, drop in clinics and promoting effective Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP)

At the group level include:

  • Therapeutic interventions such as Cool Kids, Circle of Friends and anger management programmes
  • Staff development including psychological supervision, drop-in clinics and joint problem-solving processes, such as Solution Circles and Work Discussion Groups
  • Solution oriented problem-solving processes such as Circle of Adults, MAPs and PATH

At the organisational level include:

  • Systemic Pathways work
  • Action research projects
  • Policy development
  • Solution oriented systems
  • Bespoke training packages on a wide range of topics designed and tailored to meet the individual needs of an organisation using evidence-based interventions, such as attachment and developmental trauma; working memory; supporting children through separation and divorce; understanding anger and the assault cycle; and supporting children using stories

Our Educational Psychologists have undergone a range of additional advanced practitioner training and have professional skills to offer in many areas including:

  • Dynamic Assessment
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Theraplay principles
  • Systemic approaches
  • Personal Construct Psychology
  • Mindfulness
  • Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Young People
  • Suicide Prevention and Postvention
  • Emotional Literacy and Emotion Coaching
  • Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) and Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP)
  • Supervision and coaching
  • Paediatric Sleep Disorders (OCN Level 6)
  • Multi-Family Groups in Schools
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
  • Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA)

This is not an exhaustive list. We offer a needs led and creative service so the possibilities are endless!