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Applying Psychology to enable individuals to learn, be happy and achieve their full potential.

We are an Educational Psychology Service offering a wide range of support to promote inclusion within schools and other educational settings across the South East of England.

We psychology

We are dedicated to applying psychology in everything that we do.

Our Educational Psychologists love engaging in research and promoting evidence-based practice to build the capacity of your staff and to support the future of the Educational Psychology profession.

We learning

We are passionate about understanding how individuals learn best to help them achieve their learning potential.

Our Educational Psychologists view learning as an on-going process and we support them to continually build on their professional knowledge and skills to provide you with the highest quality of service.

We working together

We are committed to using a consultation model of service delivery to promote systemic change and improve outcomes for all.

Our Educational Psychologists will work collaboratively with you to problem solve and solution find to bring about positive change both for individuals and your organisation as a whole.