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We got there in the end!

Jun 25, 2021

There’s no doubt that it has been a very unusual and difficult 18 months for everyone due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, despite the many challenges that we have faced in education, and after a number of postponements, we are absolutely delighted to have been able to deliver three face-to-face ELSA training courses this academic year, in a COVID secure way! We have had one cohort of EY ELSA’s and two cohorts of School Age ELSA who have all successfully completed their training with us, and we are so pleased that they will now be able to provide much needed support to their settings. Congratulations to all of our newly accredited EY ELSAs and ELSAs! We look forward to continuing to work with you in supervision in this coming school year.

Below is a sample of their feedback on our training, and you can read more on our ‘Testimonials from our ELSAs’ page.

See you soon,

Chantelle and Laura

“On this course, I really enjoyed understanding the psychology behind children’s behaviours. I appreciated the advice and guidance given for support strategies and activities to use with children and young people in school. Laura and Chantelle were excellent! They were professional, friendly and approachable, and they are clearly experts in their field! I particularly valued the resource list given on this course, and the sharing of a wide variety of resources an ELSA can potentially use, as well as being given my own copy of the Emotional Well-being Handbook!”

LVS, Ascot

“I really enjoyed all of this course – the subject matter was fascinating! It was also really helpful to talk to all the other ELSAs on the training about how things work in their schools and about their vision for implementing ELSA work in their schools. I found it particularly helpful to be given details of where to find resources that I can go on to use in my ELSA work. It was also really comforting to know that ongoing supervision groups exist, to continue to support me in my role in the future. Laura and Chantelle were great – they were interesting, knowledgeable, personable, supportive and encouraging!”

Holy Trinity Pewley Down School, Guildford

“I really valued getting to understand the role of an ELSA in school through doing this training. Laura and Chantelle were very approachable and extremely good at explaining all aspects covered on the course. I think every school should invest in having an ELSA. I have thoroughly enjoyed this great training and it has made me so excited to get started on my ELSA journey, thank you so much!”

Deer Park School, Twickenham


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